About RatingSource, Inc.

The founder of RatingSource, Roger Pickar, spent over 20 years doing traditional market research and customer satisfaction surveys for major architecture, engineering and construction organizations.

With this background, Mr. Pickar achieved two major breakthroughs that allowed the formation of RatingSource as a unique management tool.

Breakthrough #1: Rather than just measuring overall satisfaction, RatingSource is able to focus in on the construction process, and gather detailed information about the organization’s performance. This requires an in-depth understanding of the process, and all the key success factors that are involved in the success of a project.

Breakthrough #2: By repeating the survey process at regular intervals while the project is underway, performance can be improved in real time. This turns the survey into a powerful project management tool, not just an instrument for documenting good or bad performance after the fact.

Since its inception in 2000, RatingSource has conducted hundreds of thousands of project performance surveys on behalf of hundreds of clients, including some of the largest names in the AEC market. Each of these surveys has confirmed the validity of these two founding principles, by demonstrating that simple, direct and efficient surveys can yield comprehensive, quantifiable and actionable results.