How It Works

RatingSource provides services to all sectors of the commercial construction industry: Owners and Developers; Design Professionals; and Contractors, including general and trades. A set of comprehensive, standardized surveys is used to gather third-party performance assessments by partners, clients, peers and vendors.

RatingSource Performance Evaluation Surveys

All RatingSource programs are based on RatingSource Performance Evaluation Surveys. These surveys, tailored to the key performance measurement standards of each sector of the commercial construction industry, have been developed and refined utilizing the experience gained in working with hundreds of clients and administering many thousands of surveys. Due to its comprehensive scope, as well as its convenient, user-friendly format, very high completion rates are achieved, and highly relevant results are generated in a matter of days. Instantaneous survey results, and universal internet-based access, mean that decision-makers at every level have complete and timely access to the relevant performance data they need.

Comprehensive Implementation Plan

A written Implementation Plan is part of every RatingSource program. This plan details how the program will be implemented, and provides a basis for an annual organizational review, based on the specifics contained in the Plan. The Implementation Plan spells out the process of an organization-wide performance evaluation program, in advance, and clearly identifies individuals within the organization who will be key to a successful rollout. RatingSource's Implementation and Support staff will constantly and frequently monitor the program's implementation, in addition to responding to requests for assistance.

Training and Support: The Pivotal Difference

Comprehensive user training, technical support, and product customization are a core component of every RatingSource Performance Evaluation program. Simply put, RatingSource is actively seeking to building lifelong clients, and uses the Implementation Plan as a blueprint to make sure its clients get the most value out of their RatingSource subscription. Although RatingSource is designed as an internet application, in fact each subscriber gets an entire implementation and support staff along with user names and passwords. RatingSource will frequently initiate calls to subscribers, based on the Implementation Plan in place, to make sure that the program's administrators and users are receiving the maximum benefit.

Subscription Pricing

As an incentive to take full advantage of the RatingSource Services, all programs are sold on a single subscription price basis. Factors that determine this subscription fee include:

  • Typical Project Size, Scope & Duration
  • Number, Size, Complexity of organization’s Divisions and Branches
  • Administrator Support Requirements
  • Customized Reports
  • Services:
    • √ Past Performance Baseline
    • √ Client Monitor
    • √ Team Monitor
    • √ Vendor Performance
    • √ Self-Assessment

Please contact us today for a no-charge organizational assessment, and for a detailed breakdown of services, costs, and benefits to your organization.